Our BF’s (Buddy Friends)

This term, we have buddied up with Room 7 for Tuakana Teina to communicate, read to each other, share our learning and teaching each other new games and activities. We have enjoyed sharing some of the learning that we did last term with our buddies. We also had the opportunity to teach our buddies how to play our favourite game Castles.

We met each week on Wednesday afternoon so keep an eye on here to see more of our Tuakana Teina sessions with our buddies. Here are some photos of our Tuakana Teina session.

IMG_1161 2


Horo Hopu

This week The Tuī syndicate was taught a new Maori traditional game called Horo Hopu in Te Reo Maori. We used hand-made Poi Toa which are large poi’s. The children swing the poi’s and throw to each other to get the poi toa over the try line to get a try. The children had a great time giving this new game a go and are becoming professionals to teach their buddies and other students in the school.

Can’t wait to learn the new game as part of our Te Reo Maori programme. Here are some photos of us having a go at Horo Hopu.


Life Education Sessions

Wow! What a week we have had with Mike and Harold in the Life Education truck. We have learnt about who we are, what makes up our identity, and what reputation is and why it is important to maintain a good reputation. We also had time to hear a few jokes from Harold and sing along to his favourite songs in Harioke. A big thanks to Mike for two great sessions and getting our minds thinking about our actions and how we talk to each other.

Heres some photos from our sessions below.


Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori

Last week was Māori language week. We have been doing fun activities based around the Māori culture.

This week across Aotearoa we are celebrating our native language Te Reo Maori through a range of activities. The theme this year is Kia Kaha: Be strong and give it heaps. Here at Stanley Ave throughout our classes, we have been busy learning Kupu hou (new words), mihi (greetings), and he tono (simple commands) to use every day. Students have been practicing our school whakatauki each morning to start and end their day.

In Room Three and Four this week, they have planned and created a taonga to give to a special person. A taonga is known as a treasure that could be anything from a word to a memory. The taonga that they planned is a necklace that represents the relationship that they have with somebody special.

Here are some photos below of us making our taonga and other activities that we did during this week.



Size Matters!!

In Room 3 we have been playing a guestimating game called Size Matters in our maths lesson which helps us with making more accurate estimates with measurement. We have also been looking at using the more appropriate metric unit to estimate certain measurements such as the classroom, our height, the weight of an African elephant and the size of our pencil. Check out some of our photos below.

Healthy Breakfast!!!

Yesterday we had Team Energize Ben Bonnar in to talk to us about healthy breakfasts. We looked at different foods that we have for breakfast and how much sugar, fat and fibre were in these foods. We found out that our bodies are like a car and need fuel to help us get through all the activities that we have in the day. So in Room 3 we are trying to eat a healthy breakfast each day and are going to track what we have eaten and how healthy it is for our bodies. Here’s to healthy breakfasts!!!! Check out some photos of us during our session with Ben.

Room 3 Speeches

Congrats to all those students that presented their speeches in Room 3 this week. Ka mau te wehi!! All of you had a speech topic that was relevant and interesting for the audience. It was obvious that you spent time practicing as you all were able to speak to the audience and even crack a few jokes here and there. Can’t wait to see the Tui speech Finals and then the school speech finals. Keep up the excellent work with your speeches!!

Here are photos of a few children presenting their speeches.