Size Matters!!

In Room 3 we have been playing a guestimating game called Size Matters in our maths lesson which helps us with making more accurate estimates with measurement. We have also been looking at using the more appropriate metric unit to estimate certain measurements such as the classroom, our height, the weight of an African elephant and the size of our pencil. Check out some of our photos below.


Healthy Breakfast!!!

Yesterday we had Team Energize Ben Bonnar in to talk to us about healthy breakfasts. We looked at different foods that we have for breakfast and how much sugar, fat and fibre were in these foods. We found out that our bodies are like a car and need fuel to help us get through all the activities that we have in the day. So in Room 3 we are trying to eat a healthy breakfast each day and are going to track what we have eaten and how healthy it is for our bodies. Here’s to healthy breakfasts!!!! Check out some photos of us during our session with Ben.

Room 3 Speeches

Congrats to all those students that presented their speeches in Room 3 this week. Ka mau te wehi!! All of you had a speech topic that was relevant and interesting for the audience. It was obvious that you spent time practicing as you all were able to speak to the audience and even crack a few jokes here and there. Can’t wait to see the Tui speech Finals and then the school speech finals. Keep up the excellent work with your speeches!!

Here are photos of a few children presenting their speeches.


Cupcakes for everyone!!

Today we had delicious cupcakes brought in by Megan to celebrate her birthday in the weekend. We had fun eating and licking all the chocolate icing, which seemed to get everywhere! Thank you so much to Megan and her family for making these amazing cupcakes. This was definitely a positive to start the week off. Also a happy birthday to all the other students who have had a birthday in the last week, as there were quite a few of you. Hope you all had an amazing day.

Heres some pictures of us enjoying our cupcakes!!


Human Body Projects

With a change in our homework this term, we decided to create projects based around our topic this term, The Human Body. Every two weeks the students are given a body part to create a project on. Students are to look at its body parts function and what it does to help our body, healthy foods that this part needs, and 10 interesting facts about their body part. We are also going to make a 3D model of a body roughly the size of Miss T, so each student is to make a mini 3D model of their body part and put it up on the big model in the right place. Here are some examples of our projects that were presented this week. Keep looking on here for more examples of our projects.

IMG_0276 2

Cross Country Running

In preparation for our Cross Country next week we have been training hard with our practice runs through the wetland. We have been setting ourselves goals each time we run by tracking how far we run and marking it off on our own charts. On our chart, we have marked out the distance between our school and Morrinsville’s Big Cow, with pitstops at Waihou, Waitoa, and even Miss T’s house. Our aim is to run the same distance it takes to get from here to the Big Cow and back again by the time we stop our running training. It is great to see all the students who have really pushed themselves in their training and are making great distances on their charts. Keep up the hard workRoom 3.  Heres some photos during our runs in the wetlands.



Presenting our Myths and Legends

The first week back we joint together with Room 4 and planned out how we were going to present our Myths and Legends that we created last term as part of our Matariki work. We had a few students that read their stories, and Nerro presenting his story with actors. It was so awesome to see so many students gaining confidence in sharing their stories in front of the whole school. Ka mau te wehi Tui. Keep up the hard work.